How to save electricity in the household

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Saving electricity in the household: It’s simple!

Currently, besides requesting for energy saving in buildings, industrial parks, administrative and non-business units, etc., saving energy at home is considered a very significant activity.

Proper and right way use of electrical equipment will help you to save energy and costs

According to actual statistics, the electricity consumption of households in our country accounts for 35-40% of the total national electricity consumption. In the situation of increasing electricity price , many types of consumer goods increased prices, households had to cut down on unnecessary spending, especially to save gasoline, oil, electricity, coal, fuel wood. , increasing the use of cheaper alternative products … In these solutions, if saving electricity effectively, each household will save a considerable cost each month.

To effectively save electricity requires building energy-saving habits in the household. From every energy-saving action of every people and households, will contribute to reducing electricity consumption, energy consumption, reducing environmental polluted emissions, saving a large part of the cost for the family and national, contributing to the successful implementation of the National Target Program on economical and efficient use of energy, already approved by the Prime Minister.

Here are some very simple tips and advices that will help us to use home appliances properly and save energy effectively in our homes. It can be considered as a “Power saving handbook”:

1. Purchase equipment with energy-saving product certification labels:

A label affixed to highly efficient energy-consuming products to provide information for consumers to choose when buying.

2. How to effectively use the lighting system:

Although the power consumption of light bulbs is not as large as other electrical appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), but due to the use of many bulbs and long usage time, it accounts for a relatively large cost. of your family’s electricity costs. The following suggestions will help us save electricity for lighting systems:

– Should use high-performance lights: Filament lights are cheapest when purchased but use the most power. So should choose the type of energy-saving light bulbs today such as LED ceiling lights, ceiling tiles, LED pillar lamps, LED tube …

– Should use solar lights that are both environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

– Reasonable installation: Reasonable design and installation of light bulbs will promote the lighting effect of light bulbs.

– Regularly cleaning the trough (reflector): The lamp will promote the lighting effect because a thin layer of dust can reduce the brightness by 10-20%.

– When installing the lamp should use trough / reflector: to promote the lighting effect of the light bulb.

– Don’t forget to turn off the light bulb as soon as you leave the room.

3. How to use air conditioners effectively:

During the life of an air conditioner, initial investment costs only account for 4-10% of the total cost; Maintenance and maintenance costs account for 1-2%; The remaining 90-95% is for electricity consumption. Therefore, in order to save this biggest expense, we should pay attention to the air conditioner system right from the beginning when we intend to use it, that is, from the design of the room, buying procuring equipment and then throughout the use and maintenance of the system.

In the process of designing the space (room / area) intended to use air conditioners, we should pay attention to the following points:

– Avoid direct sunlight on the glass doors to limit the greenhouse effect.

– Avoid opening windows directly to the East and especially to the West. Window area should be moderate, the ratio of window area to wall area must be less than 25% for East and West, and this ratio is less than 30% for South and North.

– In the case of opening windows in the East and West, it is necessary to have sun protection measures such as using umbrellas, sun louvers; use screens (curtains can be placed inside or outside but placed outside will be more effective); light colored curtains should be used.

– For east and west walls, construction materials with low heat transfer coefficients or an insulating layer of walls must be used; Building-type buildings with exterior corridors will help avoid this heat penetration.

– Walls should be painted in light colors.

– The space between ceiling and roof should be well ventilated, especially for tole roof.

– Around the building, there should be many trees.

A few notes during the purchase and use of air conditioners:

– Should buy a good type, should not buy old ones have been repaired.

– Should choose a type of air conditioner with energy-saving inverter technology.

– Should use a machine with a capacity compatible with the room, for example, the room has an area of 20-25 m2, the capacity used is usually 1 horsepower.

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